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Spring Edition Quiz

1.What is the name of the meteor shower that occurs annually in late April/early May?

A) Lyrids B) Perseids C) Geminids D) Leonids

2.Which famous civil rights leader was born on 19 May 1925?

A) Martin Luther King Jr. B) Malcolm X C) Nelson Mandela D) Mahatma Gandhi

3.What is the name of the traditional May Day festival that is celebrated in some European countries?

A) Beltane B) Lammas C) Samhain D) Imbolc

4.Which traditional Japanese art form is often associated with springtime and often features blossom?

A) Origami B) Ukiyo-e C) Sumi-e D) Ikebana

5.What is the birthstone for the month of May?

A)Topaz  B) Sapphire C)Emerald  D) Diamond

6.Which U.S. city is known for its annual Cherry Blossom Festival, which celebrates the blooming of cherry blossom trees in the Spring?

A) Seattle B) New York City C) Washington D.C. D) San Francisco

7.Which national holiday in India, also known as the Festival of Colors, is celebrated in March?

A) Diwali B) Holi C) Dussehra D) Navratri

8.Which famous playwright was baptised on April 26th?

A) William Shakespeare B) Arthur Miller C) Tennessee Williams D) Samuel Beckett

9.In which month does the Spring season typically start in the Northern Hemisphere?

A)June  B)May  C)April  D) March

10.Which natural phenomenon that occurs during the Spring season involves the sudden growth and release of pollen from certain types of trees, and can cause allergic reactions in some people? 

A) Aurora borealis B) Pollen tsunami  C) Tidal wave D)El Niño 



2.Malcolm X




6.Washington DC




10.Pollen Tsunami

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