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Easter Quiz

Easter Traditions:

What is the name of the traditional Easter bread eaten in many European countries?

In which country did the tradition of the Easter Bunny originate?

Easter Symbols:

What flower is often associated with Easter due to its blooming season?

What does the egg symbolise in Easter celebrations?

Easter History:

Who was the Roman governor who ordered the crucifixion of Jesus?

According to Christian tradition, how many days passed between Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection?

Easter Around the World:

In which country do people participate in the “egg tapping” game, where participants tap each other’s decorated eggs to see whose egg remains uncracked?

What is the name of the Mexican Easter tradition where streets are decorated with colourful sawdust carpets?

Easter Movies:

Name one classic animated movie about Easter.

Which movie features a character named “E.B.” who aspires to become a drummer instead of taking over the family business of being the Easter Bunny?

Easter Traditions:

Panettone or Easter bread


Easter Symbols:


Rebirth and renewal

Easter History:

Pontius Pilate

Three days

Easter Around the World:



Easter Movies:

Peter Rabbit


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