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Be organised, Be successful, BeeBright !

The clubs at Bolton School are one of the many things that make it a truly special school and Young Enterprise is no exception. As students heard in a recent whole school assembly,  our current Young Enterprise team have been working behind the scenes to create a fantastic new product to aid your studies. The BeeBright reusable revision timetable is our versatile product that could revolutionise your studies and make time management easy, as well as being environmentally friendly! We have been able to use our research into this area to create something not currently available on the market.

Year Ten brings you the opportunity to join Young Enterprise, which is a business club that meets every Tuesday. The club aims to improve students ability to work within a team through the creation , production and distribution of a product that can be marketed and sold. This how we were able to develop our BeeBright reusable revision timetable.

We named our company BeeBright and we are currently manufacturing a printed eco friendly, sustainable revision whiteboard to aid you in your studies by helping you effectively plan out your time.

BeeBright Reusable Revision Timetable
BeeBright Reusable Revision Timetable
Logo for the company BeeBright
Logo for the company BeeBright
A productive team are a happy team
A productive team are a happy team

As a member of the club, I feel there are many benefits. Being part of a team has brought me closer to my peers and widened my knowledge of the business world in how products are created. Group events like the trade fair at the Trafford Centre  in Dec 2021 and running fundraising stalls at various events has helped me to develop communication skills. Also, you become more confident in responding to on the spot questions, as you quickly learn to think on your feet! The experience at the Trafford Centre was excellent. We had to create a trade stand with visual images and information that captured the public’s interest. We took turns in marketing on the stall and, as an added bonus, we also got to choose what we wanted for lunch. There are definitely perks to learning to do business in such great places! 

Bee Bright at the Trafford Centre
Bee Bright at the Trafford Centre

As well as the whole experience being fun, there are multiple roles in the Young Enterprise Scheme that covers all interest. Whether you want to be the Company Director, Operations Director,  or Social Media Director, there’s something for everyone.

My individual role as Finance Director and Company Secretary has given me an insight into the experience of dealing with banks,  as I was required to open a bank account on the company’s behalf,  and the reality of how tricky finance can be.  It really gave me confidence that I could rise to new challenges and learn new skills. I also learnt that the role relies on personal skills and qualities, as you have to be trusted by your group and be seen to have integrity amongst your peers.

I had a duel role and as Company Secretary and needed to develop my communication and negotiation skills, keeping everyone informed with company documents and timescales. My Young Enterprise experience has made Year Ten a year like no other and I’ve loved every second.

We began our journey with a common goal: to develop a product we could all use as students.  Initially, our idea was to produce a study pack. However, after discussing the concept with professional business consultants in our first “Dragons Den” event, we were advised one of the elements for a product to be successful, it would need to be a more original product that was focused on one niche product that was unique to the market. This guidance was vital in shaping our thinking and leading us to re-evaluate our initial plan. So we learnt that flexibility and responsiveness to advice are also critical skills to develop in the world of business.

Being in the “Dragons Den” experience challenged all of the teams’ thinking and although at first it seemed like a daunting and quite scary experience, the “Dragons” were really helpful. In the initial meeting we gained that useful feedback and in the second meeting we were selected as one of the winners of the round! 

After continuous discussion and countless hours of market research with multiple  surveys sent around school to find out what was needed, we discovered  , 82.4% of students that participated agreed that they would find a study timetable useful. In response to our research we continually refined the product and felt we needed something that would help students plan their study timetables and maximise their learning time and of course this would have an added bonus that they would also be able to manage their free time which is important for all our mental well-being .

All our team members agreed that one of our main goals was to produce an environmentally friendly and sustainable product . Being sustainable in today’s society can often be a difficult task and so we created the idea of a reusable whiteboard timetable that was larger in size than others on the market. The product is not only is sustainable but it has the added benefit for you that is it cost efficient for the buyer, as you only need to make one purchase and you are set on the path to exam success.

Group Shot

If you’re  current in Year 9 and are interested in joining, there will be more information about Young Enterprise at the Clubs and Societies fair in September, so watch out for it.

Back to our product and what we have produced for our Young Enterprise project: the revision organiser. Do you want to make the most of your or study time? If so, this is the product for you!

To find out more, our main form of advertisement is our Instagram account beebrightinstagram . Please take a look and keep up with our progress. Your views on social media and contributions to our sales  will  help our team soar through into upcoming competitions.

We are offering the first ten customers a free pen with their initial purchase. The products can be bought online through: BeeBrightrevisiontimetable

By Annika Bullen

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