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Anne Fine Author Visit


Anne Fine visited Year 7 on Thursday 10 February; she explained the creative influence leading to the creation of some of her award-winning novels, and sold two of her books in the library ‘Shades of Scarlet’ and ‘Aftershocks’.

It was a truly fantastic experience and inspired many.


Anne Fine is a famous British Author who’s wrote a multitude of work for various different age ranges. Visiting Bolton School Girls’ Division on the 10th of February 2022, she spoke to the whole of Year 7 in the Great Hall, giving an insight into her creative process and answering questions. 

Anne Fine reading
Anne Fine reading

Anne Fine has also agreed to judge our writing competition which was launched by Mrs Martin (Head of English) and Mrs Howarth (Senior Librarian) on World Book Day.

Students could choose from three titles:

Along the Seashore


An Unexpected Break

 And the opening line: The word spread. “Marnie’s in such trouble now!”

Mrs Martin explained, ‘The deadline for this competition was Friday, 25th of March and there have been lots of impressive entries. It is such an honour to have Children’s Laureate, Anne Fine, judge our competition. I can still remember the first of her books I read, ‘Goggle Eyes’, which captured my young imagination and inspired me to write!’

Anne Fine speaking
Anne Fine speaking

It was a great experience as I had never seen an author before and the experience was much better than I expected. I think I learned a lot about Anne Fine and the meaning behind her books. She also inspired me to start reading some of her books; now I’ve started, I can’t put them down!

by Hafsa Nazir

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